Deadline for submission: 21 September 2018


Abstract submissions will be conducted online via the website,

While sending the abstract, points to be considered are as follows;

General Principles:

· Abstracts will be accepted only through the online Congress abstract submission system through the website, those which are sent by mail or fax will not be considered.

· Receipt confirmation will electronically be sent to abstract authors.

· Submitted Abstracts will be evaluated by the Congress Scientific Board and at least two scientific referees. Compliance of the abstact, acceptance and form of presentation will be decided by Congress Scientific Board.

· In order for the abstracts to be accepted, it is necessary for the author of the presentation to register in the congress. 

Poster Presentations:

· Participants who are informed that their abstact are accepted as posters will apply to exhibit their posters at the time and place decided by the organizers of the congress.

· Necessary assistance will be provided by the Congress organizers for Posters to be pasted.

· The posters should be prepared in a way that will be readable from two meters, if possible, It should be intriguing predominantly with a graphic or a shape.

· The long side should be prepared in dimensions of 50cm X 70cm as a vertical axis.-

· The title of the poster should be written in capital letters.

· Writers, their titles, the institutions they work in shoul be written to the next line

· If the poster is a research article, it should include Purpose / Methods / Findings / Conclusions.

· The use of footnotes within the text in the poster will be appropriate









Event Date

28-30 October 2018

Abstract submission deadline

21 September 2018




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